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Ultra Bionic

Ultra Bionic

Feb 2018

We are group of six students. Our aim is to help disabled people who have lost their hand by any type of upper extremity amputation causes (Congenital, Disease and war); by producing an advanced Neuro-controlled cheap 3D-printed prosthetic hand to transform the lives of ampu- tees. We developed a prototype of a Neuro-controlled hand prosthesis controlled by the amputee as the natural one. This will be possible by providing a stable connection with human muscle sig- nals. This achieved by applying microtechnology and new capacitive surface-electrodes tech- nology this allowed, on one side, recording the actions of the amputated hand/arm muscle through software application interface we made and use this data to develop motion patterns us- ing machine learning algorithm called SVM. This allowed amputee to make a stable hand close, open and hand rest motion.


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