Tarek Salem
Vodafone - Network analyst & CE engineer
Graduated from the 6th of October University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, worked as a Network Engineer in El Khalda Petroleum Company, a Software Developer in Cairo University, and an IT Manager in the National Council on Disability Affairs. Also I did two-year diploma at Cairo University Computer Science. Currently, a Network Analytic and Customer Experience (CE) Engineer in Vodafone Egypt.  

Towards independent living

After a diving accident a few years ago, I became a quadriplegic. However, this has not stopped or hindered me in any way. I managed to build several assistive tools to help me in my everyday life; and I turned my house into a Smart Home, through which I can control everything in it via my Smartphone from anywhere. I will take you through my struggle of how, through Adaptive tools and how I’m able to perform my daily life and my job.