Shahir Mikhail
Founder - Gazwareen
Gazwareen Driftwood Furniture is the precious child of Designer Maker Shahir Maged, producing, hand crafted, aesthetic, sturdy and faithfully functional Green Furniture from Driftwood collected, piece by piece form the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandrian born and raised, Shahir, grew up between Alexandria and Agami, in close relation to the Mediterranean, aspiring all its colors and influences and forging a tight bond with its energy. Drawn with a big love to the sea and wood, due to the influence of his father, Prof. Dr. Maged Mikhail, who loved the sea and carpentry, Shahir started collecting driftwood from the beach. He was inspired by the rustic beauty of this wood, worn out by the elements after travelling the seas and acquiring all its spirit.  

"My Journey"

and it will be mainly about my story of becoming a full time artist, following my passion in life and finding my true self. I will also talk about the different philosophies and mindsets that influenced that path, as well as some very important lessons learnt along the way.