Nariman Gamal Lotfi
Product Design Instructor at German University in Cairo,Awarded a Master’s degree in Product Design from the German University in Cairo in 2014 focusing on Design and Bionics. Lotfi has taught in the Product Design department at the GUC since 2011 and is currently an instructor there. She has focused on research in the fields of Product design, Biomimicry, and Sustainability which she presented in workshops and talks including a TEDx talk at Zeweil City University in 2017 and the Maker Faire in 2018. She was awarded the Grand Prize by the Biomimicry Institute for an irrigation solution for Fayoum’s agriculture in 2013. Parallel to research she has designed for the Egyptian market including a range of electronic smart products for startups, product design consultancy at Bedaya Centre incubator, and furniture design for leading Egyptian companies such as AlCazar and Pinocchio. She is currently working on her PhD degree focused on Design Education and the future of the Industrial Design scene in Egypt.