Muhammed Khedr
Philips - Visualization Executive
Studied Industrial Design and currently pursing a Masters in Innovative Food Design -GUC. I have a passion for food since I was little and has been an active member in the Design scene in Egypt through the past decade. I am a Visualization Executive at Philips. Before that I worked for the MBC and Lee Brown 2006-2013. I won the 2nd place, Hansgrohe Das Design Competition, 2006. Exhibited “Design in a new context!”, Goethe Institute, 2010.  

Innovative Food Design

I will be talking about Food Design, Covering how to develop food products for the market. Recently there is a vast need for design and more companies are aware of the importance of design in order to success and continued growing business. Food industry is no exception. I will show how form, colour, smell, consistency, the sounds made during eating, manufacturing technique, history and stories influence Food Design. Should food stuffs be considered designer products in the same way as Armani suits, Alessi coffee cups and Ferraris? Of course! FOOD DESIGN makes a case for a design discipline that has received little attention around the world.