Mona Makhlouf
Multidisciplinary Designer
Mona Makhlouf is a multidisciplinary Egyptian designer by practice and education, With BFA in Graphic Design and an MFA in interdisciplinary design studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. Italian by heart, Egyptian by blood, an under cover advocate for the “underdogs”, and a legit right brainer high on pasta and music. Her research explores the physicality of sound and music, and ways to utilize design to encapsulate intangible voice memories in a physical form. Her inspiration comes from the visual and aural cultures of cities, by contesting the relationship between people, time and sound with the influence of urban cities. Her eyes and ears capture the extra-ordinary in an ordinary situation. You may say she is a dreamer, but she is not the only one. She works in a variety of media, technology and digital fabrication in which she approaches a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, like to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes experiential. She strongly believes we should design WITH the people, and not FOR the people.