Mohamed Hossam
New Media Artists / Founder - Creative Coding Cairo
Mohamed Hossam is a New media artist , Creative Coder based in Cairo .He is the founder of Creative Coding Cairo and the interaction design mentor at Fablab Egypt . He is passionate about building a community for Artists and Coders in Cairo . His work and practice is concerned with the integration of digital technologies in Art , Design and Creative Projects . Mohamed participated in various national and international exhibitions . He also Joined and organised various national and international festivals, conferences and events.  

Creative Coding Cairo - The Rise of New Creative Community in Cairo !

I will be talking about why we started Creative Coding Cairo and share our Community’s Story . What are the challenges that faced us and what we achieved till now . What are the potential planes that we have in the future . We will talk also about Creative Coding and the global community of creative coders around the world . What's the creative industries that use creative coding . What are the potentials of doing creative work with code and why you should know about and learn it . Finally i will talk about why creative coding cairo is the best place to do that !