Karim Maged
Marketing & Sales - Habiba Organic Farm
Habiba Organic Farm is bringing new ideas and innovative collaboration to Egypt’s Sinai communities by combining positive forces in agriculture, education, and tourism. Already in Nuweiba, South Sinai, Habiba has introduced pioneering sustainable farming techniques and organized cooperatives of farmers in the area looking for new opportunities. All the while, Habiba has cultivated cross-cultural interactions that have helped redefine South Sinai as a hub for ecotourism. Habiba specializes in organic agriculture and permaculture, spreading sound environmental practices and values, cultivating effective self-reliant and self-sustainable communities. Acting as a hub for tourists and volunteers from around the the , Habiba offers a unique hands-on experience in the sustainable food movement and showcases the booming potential of organic farming, despite difficult desert conditions, as well as functions as a community center to bring the coastal Egyptian tourists closer to the local Bedouin citizens of Nuweiba. The challenge today is scaling those successes to the wider Sinai community