Ghada Wali
Freelancer - Creative Problem Solver, Conceptual Designer, Art-director & Illustrator
Forbes listed Egyptian Designer who believes Graphic design can change the world, holding her MA degree in Design from Istituto Europeo di Design, Florence, italy . She worked as a Design team-leader at MI7 Cairo, as well as in multinational agencies such as J.Walter Thompson and Fortune Promoseven and a Tutor in both the American and German Universities in Cairo. In 2016, her work won Granshan competition Munich, Society of Typographic Arts Chicago best 100 Graphic Designers in the world, and 2 Adobe Design Achievement awards San Diego and was exhibited in London, Dubai Design week and F+F School, Zurich. She attended International workshops such as OFFF Barcelona, TYPO Berlin, DDW Eindhoven, Dubai Lynx, Grafist, AGI Istanbul & many others. Read more here :  

Innovating the Arabic Learning Experience through Lego

I will talk about my award-winning project "let's Play" Introducing the arabic language to early learners or foreigner speakers, by creating a full arabic abstract display typeface through playfully building each letter using colored lego blocks. Each letter is explained through sound, form & words in function, with the equivalent in latin, resulting in a fun pocket book with the 29 letters simplified int heir initial,medial, final & isolated forms plus a dictionary 0f 400 words in addition to an encyclopaedia of pantones. Insight : Effective Communication & Education is the road to more tolerant & efficient communities. Problem : The Arabic & Latin scripts do not only represent different worlds but also create technical difficulties for both the Eastern & Western communities on daily basis. In addition to the outdated boring ways of learning arabic even to kids of arabic speakers & because arabic is already a complex language, there is an urging need to update & innovate Arabic education. Objective : Breaking the fear of Language, Transforming the educational experience & Getting the gap closer, Redefining the Arabic letters into a challenging game of connecting shapes, Activating all the senses - feeling, touching, hearing & seeing (taking into consideration the mentally challenged and disabled population). Pushing the learning experience into a mobile platform that could be easily carried along anywhere, anytime. Medium : Dictionary, 3D Letters Book, 'Join the Lego Blocks' Online Game & App, wearable informative garments (t-shirts,bags..etc), in the city sculptures, interactive screens, posters & Website. Further development : the idea could be realized/translated later in different languages serving different markets.