Ebtisam Mohamed
Co-Founder of ENCODE
Ebtissam Mohamed Is an architect and associate Professor at Faculty of Fine Arts, department of Architecture of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University. Farid received her PhD in architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University, around Mass Customization and the Future of Housing. Farid has masterminded and orchestrated a number of local and international multi-disciplinary workshops to explore new grounds for the architectural practice through tools and her research interests lies in Design education. She is investigating various digital and physical computational tools exploring the potentials of digital design and production techniques to correlate education, profession and design industry. Ebtissam is also a co-founder at Encode design studio in Alexandria, Egypt, where she collaborates with Encode team to develop the design industry and production in Egypt by linking practice and education through research and prototyping. She has led the creation of a multi-disciplinary design network between many local and international disciplines, along with local factories, with the aim of developing the industry in Egypt through research to include Egypt on the international creative design Map, offering an opportunity to discuss the value of design to innovation and build communications with other teams and professional practices.