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Dena El-Mahdy
Assistant Lecturer - British University in Egypt (BUE)
Deena is an architect, assistant lecturer at BUE and a PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture at Cairo University, from which she obtained her masters and bachelor degree. Deena always had a passion for learning new technologies that link the past with the present and the future through interactive methods. She worked on documenting culture heritage by means of virtual techniques to increase user interactivity, in addition to her interests in virtual and augmented reality as an interactive tool in museums and archaeological sites. She also worked with digital fabrication techniques and different strategies of design thinking through revisiting nature. Deena is also dedicated to merging the use of local materials with new and emerging techniques such as additive manufacturing and 3D printing to reach a sustainable community while respecting the local context. She is also founder of “Cairo heritage school” which attempts to bridge the gap between governmental bodies, professionals, students and community members to understand the complex processes and patterns of transformation facing Cairo. During the last seven years, Deena joined several international and national competitions, conferences and workshops related to additive manufacturing, responsive material, cultural heritage and conservation. She won several awards such as the Silver Award of the EFEC &quot;Egypt Design + Industry 2014&quot; competition using digital fabrication.