Bassam Jalgha
Co-Founder of Band Industries,Producer of Roadie Tuner
Bassam was born and raised in Beirut. He got his BE in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut and continued his Masters in the same field with a concentration in Mechatronics. His graduate research topic was in robotics, specifically in fall avoidance of embedded humanoid robots. Other than engineering, Bassam also has a personal devotion to music. He studied instrumental music at the Lebanese National Conservatoire and spent most of his life learning and developing his musical skills as a performer. In 2009, Bassam won the first prize in the season 1 of “Stars of Science”, a pan-Arab innovation contest. His project “Dozan” is an automated tuning device for string musical instruments. In 2010, Bassam returned to AUB as an instructor in the Engineering department teaching Mechatronics and Control system labs while continuing to develop Dozan. Meanwhile, he, along with other developers and enthusiasts, established Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace with the purpose of serving as a community space where people from different disciplines share tools and knowledge to promote creative work. After four years of R&D on Dozan, Bassam co-founded Band Industries and officially launched “Roadie”, an advanced version of Dozan, on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. In one month they were able to raise about $180,000 for Roadie pre-orders. He moved to China afterwards and in a period of one year, Band Industries manufactured and shipped over 4,000 Roadies worldwide. Currently, Bassam is focused on learning mandarin, scaling his company, gaining maximum experience in product development, and bringing this experience back home to share it with his community.