Abdullah El Rashedy
AbdAllah has always liked the makers’ lifestyle and capabilities, he chose Mechatronics as a major. He had been into robot contests since 2011. Later he founded two start-ups where he used his maker abilities. In 2013 he graduated from AinShams University, and has been teaching Design of Robotics and Mechatronics systems there since then. After many downs in business he learnt well that a maker also needs to pay the rent, so he started learning about technical entrepreneurship. AbdAllah now is a certified ideation educator at TIEC. AbdAllah’s interests and fields of experience include: Robotics, AUVs, ROVs, UGVs, CV, AI, Bio-inspired robots, Co-bots, IoT, entrepreneurship, sustainability, SDGs, anthropological effects of technology, and how art visualizes possible technology threats in the near future.