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[ Keynote Speakers ]

    Sabrina Merlo
    Program Director - Maker Faire - Make Media

      Sherry Lassiter
      President of Fab Foundation, Program Manager at Center of Bits & Atoms - MIT

        David Neevel
        Art Director & Physicist

          David Rosen
          Research Scientist in the Surreal Vision - Oculus VR

          [ Speakers ]

            Amr Farouk
            Managing Director - Oasis Renewable Energy

              Alaa Khamis
              Associate Professor - CPAMI

                Shahir Mikhail
                Founder - Gazwareen

                  Osama Kamal
                  Founder & CEO - Shisan

                    Ahmed El Yamany
                    Research & Development Engineer - Simplex

                      Mohammad Amr
                      Research Assistant and Technology Transfer Officer - Nile University

                        Sherif Abdelmohsen
                        Associate Professor of Digital Media and Design Computing - American University in Cairo

                          Waleed Taha Mohamed
                          Electrical Engineer - Tiba Solar

                            Mohamed Hossam
                            New Media Artists / Founder - Creative Coding Cairo