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Solar Pumping Car

Solar Pumping Car

Feb 2018

our solar pumping car Takes the Water from the underground to Water Sprayers in order to Irrigation using Electricity as Powering System. The Problem is that Some Lands don’t have an Access to Electricity. So, there is no any Powering System to Pumps and Consequently,there is No Irrigation. There is No Agriculture! So, to tackle this problem, we have decided to build a Mobile Device that Has a Pumping System Inside to Irrigate Directly, Powered by Solar Energy. A Device Like this only needs Sun Radiation in Morning and will have the PROBLEM SOLVED!the pump works completely with solar energy, there is no allowance at all for any other source of energy to power, the only car works with battery which feeds only the motors. Also, the pump can be attached to a tank to store water.


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