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Robotics land

Robotics land

Mar 2017

We are Robotics Student Organization, our vision is to have Egyptian Engineers capable of competing in the international market and to be famous for their high qualifications in the next 20 years, we accomplished this vision through participating in projects related to Robot field so the most effected path is competing in international / national competitions that enhance our technicality starting with ROBOCON (Robot Contest) on 2009 where we achieved regional and international ranks, with addition to a lot of prizes ( best inventions and judgment best prize) , ROBOCON its task related to the customs or the civilization of the hosted country On 2012 we start to participate at The Robot a local competition has its phase at Helwan University. Then on 2013 we start to explore a new path of technology of the ROV ( Remotely Operated Vehicles) where a robot do its task under water, and also on 2016 our first participation at Minesweeper and exploring IRC (international Robot Challenge), all these different competition force out technical supports to had new challenge that ends with a new knowledge added to our experience. Every year we have a main clg event that open gated for participating to these mention competitions so our event show ’17 includes a mechanical booth includes moving doors through pneumatic system and two line track robot and a maze playground with the company of two wireless robots and a pool show had a ROV as an emulation for this competition .


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