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Rc Martin JetBack

Rc Martin JetBack

Feb 2018

My project is an electric rc ” remote controlled ” martin jetpack that the same as the real jet back but in smaller scale . My project multi rotor drone “2 propellers only ” which can fly in very small aria that controlled by arduino pid controller . This jetpack will help people to explore places that are very hard to be explored like forests and old buildings . In future , I will make a larger one that can fly with human to be better way of transportation or rescuing others. I’d registered before with multi projects one of them is” mobile wifi controlled drone project” , but I found that drone is very common idea that applied every exhibition or makerfaire . I want to change the idea of mobile controlled drone with rc jetpack . sorry for resubmitting in the form as there’s no way of changing previous submission. I’d begun in rc jetback and finished it. Sorry for going on


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