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Feb 2018

RagyArts is an entrepreneur project. The project idea was brought up by Ragy Aguib back in 2013 when he designed his first wooden pieces made by his own hands for a friend and his sister; they were wooden portraits and a peace sign. He was so much encouraged when he saw the reactions of the audience, from this, the flame of continuing on got all ignited and he started his own workshops and orders. His aim is to make the dreams of all people come to reality. His actual workplace got all hyped in 2016 till now. One of the main keypoints that Ragy Aguib wants to focus on is that “Art Is For All” – “الفن للجميع” and already he applied this throughout his past work experience in RagyArts by training others and making them involved in actually making their own products with their own hands. Now, he has a team member, the enthusiast, “Maha Hafez” who is so much interested in his work and wanted to learn from him how to do things with her own hands as she would like to spread out more positivity to the world through RagyArts as for her RagyArts is a pool for positivity. “Now, your dreams can come to life!” – RagyArts


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