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PGR (Pipe guard robot)

PGR (Pipe guard robot)

Feb 2018

Pipe systems are considered the main mean used to transfer fluids from their sources to other locations; such as water, natural gas, and oil. Those pipe systems may happen to have some troubles such as leaks and damages due to age or high pressure. The purpose of this project is to find a solution that can help decrease the great losses due to those troubles and protect the environment from the negative effects caused by the lost fluids. The design requirement of the entire project is constructing a robot that can detect pipe leakages inside the pipes. How will this help solve the problem? Pipelines need to be monitored to indicate the pipe that has serious damages and cause greater losses and risks, as pipe fixing or replacing is a time and money wasting process. So, as the robot moves inside the pipe, it sends data to a server and analyzes it to make a map for pipes fixing priority. A prototype has been built up to prove the effectiveness of the idea. Then, series of tests have been conducted to ensure that the prototype is functioning efficiently. In conclusion, the project of the Pipe Guard Robot with all its attachments is affordable, applicable and able to achieve the purpose of our project


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