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Mar 2017

The Project is a Pavilion as an open architecture flex space, which calls for people to come in and spend time in it. The Idea came from The  Bjarke Ingels’ Serpentine Gallery Pavilion . It can be temporary or permanent, and can even change its shape and function. Wing can be used as: shelter, seating, a meeting point, a cafe, theater, or for lectures, events and exhibitions, sports, play and relax, work and much more. The wall can be used as shelves that we put things in it . We’ve taken maybe the simplest element in architecture – the wall – and unzipped it to form a hall inside. What we’ve tried to do is create a sort of mountainous landscape on the outside and a cavernous canyon on the inside. The form is gradually shifting the hollow wooden blocks forwards and backwards to create two undulating surfaces, which divide to form the central space and curved entrances at both ends. From the outside you can climb it and sit on it. The pavilion also changes from opaque to see-through, depending on the viewing angle When you look in one direction it’s completely transparent  it’s an orthogonal grid of very light frames But when you look in the other direction it becomes this undulating opaque cave , it’s both opaque and transparent, orthogonal and organic. It’s trying to combine all of these elements.


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