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Mixing Augmented With Artificial Intelligence/Promoting my Comic, Visual Novels, and Custom dolls

Mixing Augmented With Artificial Intelligence/Promoting my Comic, Visual Novels, and Custom dolls

Feb 2018

Main project: I plan to make a mini robot using arduino that reacts to emotions. The robot should go backwards when someone makes an angry face. And it should move forward when someone makes an inviting face. I plan to add some augmented reality elements to the project. Currently my virtual reality project is in the production phase so it doesn’t have screenshots. I am confident I will be able to finish it before the faire. Side projects: I would also like to promote my own comic, as well as visual novel. I also have the ability to customize dolls. I take dolls from the market erase the face completely and recustomize the face makeup and clothes. I do have a high quality photo of the kind of art I draw so I will upload it. Note that there might be a time where I need to edit the project details and project picture when my main project is out. Only some posters print may be for sale otherwise the product is just for display. Note: That I advertised myself as being alone but I may have collected a team by the time I finish either the main product or one of the side products, please contact me for details. Special setups: Enough desk space or smooth area on the floor to move the mini robot. The robot is expected to be very small (hand sized) so I will just need a smooth surface and possible some edges to prevent it from falling. I will need access to electricity to plug in or charge the robot or to plug in my laptop as well as digital display. I will need access to internet. So basically an area with electricity is best. If possible shelter from extreme sun or rain. A card holder that can be glued to the table to distribute cards if I am exploring or attending workshops at specific timings. Maybe a specific timing to demonstrate the robot project. Please collaborate with me for details. I might need an extra table for art and dolls if I manage to collect my team otherwise just inform me of how big the table will be and its respective placement. If possible I’d like to be closer to the cosplay and gaming area.


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