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Infrared: A new renewable energy source

Infrared: A new renewable energy source

Mar 2017

Our problem is the heat incoming from the surrounding area and the electrical devices, and how the Infra-red solves our problem. And we thought to use it in firefighting system running with the infra-red power source. As known, the Infrared is a type of several types of electromagnetic waves. And as we know the main source of the electromagnetic waves is the sun. And it divided into three parts near, mid and far. We will use the mid region in our project. That all we need to know about it for now. Before anything, the robot main power source is the received infra-red from the surrounding machines, due to the area that the robot will place on the factory that will protect it. The infra-red will be transferred as temperature and that temperature will be used to generate the power source. The firefighter robot or the firefighter system is running as the following:

1st, the robot takes an alarm then the robot moves in guidelines to the alarm site.

2nd a helicopter fly above the fire to record the fire as a thermal view.

3rd the robot moves its arm that shoots the foam balls that will put out the fire.


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