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Imagine & Co.

Imagine & Co.

Feb 2018

Imagine & Co. Dreamed as a kid, 1998. Founded 2018. Infinity is her favourite sign. Passion always has wings! Just believe. الشغف دوماً و أبداً It is a family and friends entrepreneurial project. Maha M. Hafez; A Yogini, Operatic and General Genres Singer, Modern Dancer, TEDx Motivational Speaker and a Marketer is the Founder. It all started when Maha was 8 years old and used to make SCOOBYDO and Crochet and get all thrilled when she sees them dangling from her mother’s keychain or she gives them as gifts to her friends. She enjoys bringing a smile to other people throughout what she makes even if they were those hand-made cards we used to learn at school. As we all tend to have busy lives and get all swiped away with work, well, that was her case; especially after getting her MBA in Marketing Management in 2014 done. Then the 8 year-old Maha knocked her door again reminding her with what she needs to do; making things again with her hands or cooperate, support and help others in making goods that would resemble people’s characters and leave on a fingerprint; she supports them with ideas or giving them a hand if needed. Imagine & Co. is not just a brand customising art pieces or designing them; it is a move for all young dreamers to awaken their dreams they once had and get them into action supporting art expression into execution without waiting another day. It is the brand that is passionately hand-made for you. Ragy Aguib – Founder of RagyArts is one of the team members aiding Maha and supporting her to fulfill her dreams. Their collaborative work is all for you!


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