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HI handmade-s

HI handmade-s

Feb 2018

its all about handmade crafts and units and how its amazing and self-expressing that you can order your own design and putting your personality in this design,thus We are glad to execute and make them for you .. otherwise if you dont have a specific something for the shape and design So we are also glad to design it for you – basically we are using mostly hard paper sheets , sparys ,some accessories like cotton and glitter, wool , wood and a lot of colors. which are cheap to purchase but adding our touch and skills that would hopefully the stunning shape and units . we have succeeded in making games and gift boxes and some creative photo-frames . ****** MAKERS ROCK!!!!!!!!! we are hoping that besides the handmade crafts units that will be shown to people and others can buy them , we are looking forward to making some big structures using hard papers and pre-made pieces for the structure throught about 100-200 small pieces that will be gathered and put in place to give that big structure ; for example building Eiffel tower or a big famous castle from around a 100 or more small hand-cut hard papers . ***** /*just i would like to ask if that is possible to do as mentioned above or should i prepare the parts of the structure or the sculpture and just put them together on the day itself, like about 4-5 medium sized pieces . Hopefully its fine to get the many small pieces and build the structures during the day because that will be much more fun .


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