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Hand Craft

Hand Craft

Feb 2018

Paper Cut Art From just a hobby to a profession! I make workshops of Paper Cutting for intermediates and make them professionals, it’s a great thing how you can give a full knowledge to someone doesn’t have anything about an art but his passion! In Paper Cut Workshop we turn this passion into a materialistic art! Wood cut Art It’s amazing what you can do with a piece of wood! Woodcut art is one of my favorites! I like passing this art to others! because although it’s very easy and fast to learn, but you will love to challenge your own self and give it a harder homework, together we have such a challenge and make a competition whose piece is the most beautiful and was more challenging! Scroll Saw art This is the kind of art you can make a home business with! Because every piece you make is a piece of art! Scroll Saw is one of the most wanted handmade decor! And you can make a very original work, through what you gonna learn, along with the creativity of your own! String Art String Art is one of the lately popular arts! it’s a workshop you can give even for your kids! It’s a developing talent, and it’s an easy way to raise creativity in your child’s character!


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