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Feb 2018

We propose a solution to cover the whole body in the same time, as well we can detect head level obstacles, High level obstacles (tables), stair-cases (upward stairs and downward stairs), holes and any other obstacles in front or on the sides of the user within a range of four meters and gives a suitable respect message empowering blind to move twice his normal speed because she/he feels safe. Plus, it vocally guides him to his destination using a vocal GPS. The system is linked also with a GPS-GSM module to pin-point the location of the blind person and send it to a specific number whenever he feels lost. All of these measures altogether alleviate the risk of injury to the blind person. One of the project innovative ideas was its creativity through the simplicity of design and the aesthetic features of the shoes, the jacket the canne and the hat which the user can wear comfortably and help covering the whole body


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