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Dumb Person Speaks!!

Dumb Person Speaks!!

Mar 2017

Treatment the brain waves to make the dumb person speaks. In this project, we determine persons with disabilities who suffer from lack of available services and obstacles which faced them. Egypt is the highest country in the world in the rate of disability (10%: 12%) about 15 million so we focus on dumb persons from 15 years to 64 years their proportion equal 12.7%. The idea is using brain waves which generated by thinking of speech and received it by device which convert those waves to speech in speakers. There are two areas responsible for speech in control centers of the brain and when we are thinking about speech, there are waves which we received those waves by electrodes then we amplify it and process those waves, finally we can hear the speech on speakers of device. We are going to do an experiment to programming the device and we hope that the device will work well.


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