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Development of plastic recycling technology

Development of plastic recycling technology

Mar 2017

Abstract: Egypt faces fuel crisis, especially after the 2010 statistics proved that Egypt’s fuel consumption exceeds production. Waste plastic disposal and excessive use of fossil fuels have caused environment concerns in the world. Both plastics and petroleum derived fuels. The difference between them is that plastic molecules have longer carbon chains than fuels. Therefore, it is possible to convert waste plastic into fuels. And the main objectives of this project were: Pyrolysis apparatus design as a commercial plant to extract fuel from plastic, Pyrolysis of polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), Polyethylene high-density (HDPE), treatment of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), extract the fuel from it. And the use of a catalyst with a higher efficiency of calcium bentonite . The experiment was conducted in a thermally insulated oven to prove the efficiency of the new catalyst, try treatment the (PVC) and extract the fuel from it and make analysis of fuel samples to prove their efficiency, such as IR analysis and octane number analysis etc. The results of the pyrolysis of the plastic experience: 1st type of polypropylene which resulted in [15.7% of gas, 84.2% of oil and 0.25% of the char]. 2nd type of Polystyrene which resulted in [4% of gas, 93% of oil and 3% of the char]. 3rd type of Polyethylene, high-density which resulted in [16% of gas, 83.5% of oil and 1% of the char]. Through the results achieved by the experience we can produce 25,157 barrels of oil per year by making reactor bears one ton of plastic feed.


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