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Feb 2018

Have you wondered before why children take any available chance to play and don’t let it go, even when they are tired? Believing that every child has the right to play and if that happen the world will be a better place. We make beautiful lifelong toys for children and adolescents. We are inspired from children, learning from them, watching them playing and interacting with each other and analyzing their interaction with nature and its components. Our products focus on cognitive, motion and social development for children and adolescents. They are flexible, open ended and simple, to give the children the tools of imagination, trying and creation, and to let them produce complicated ideas and shapes, and to use the toys in different ways, even in a way that the toys doesn’t designed for it. Our first product is CON TOY. It is an open ended construction toy. It contains connectors and sticks. The shape of the connector is cube with holes in its faces. Children during playing could build 3d shapes by assembling the connectors and sticks in different ways. Peech wood is used in making the cube and it is shaped by using different tools like table saw, miter saw, belt sander and drill press. This toy helps children and adolescents develop their creativity, divergent thinking, hand-eye coordination and skills, such as: language, social, spatial and motion skills.


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