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Feb 2018

At last, a new generation of solar cells was introduced successfully. This had met the required features and supported my hypothesis a lot. The idea of replacing the expensive materials and manufacturing process of solar cells with cheaper materials and easier methods validated. In this project, silicon was replaced by chlorophyll -extracted from plants- and carbon. In this cell, the chlorophyll perform the same as in the photosynthesis and carbon attract released electrons from chlorophyll. The modified cell (chlorophyll-based) costs 0.2$ per volt, while the silicon-based cell costs 0.7$ per volt. The modified cell is more fitted to the environmental changes than the ordinary cell. The only negative point is that efficiency has decreased to its half. This can be treated in future by using Carbon Nano-tubes to increase the attraction ability. If this project is applied, no more fuels are burned, no more environment pollution, energy would be supplied forever mostly for free.


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