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Aquaphoton Academy ROV

Aquaphoton Academy ROV

Feb 2018

Since 2012 and after 6 years of experience in the ROV industry, AquaPhoton academy Co. culminates its products with this year’s state-of-art remotely operated vehicle. The vehicle can operate in confined and often precarious conditions. By far our latest product is the most compatible vehicle with its compact and light-weight body designed to optimally function in the adverse conditions of the world’s busiest seaports and oceans susceptible to earthquakes.
This year AquaPhoton is implementing its ideas in the best possible manner to accurately accomplish its missions and meanwhile present a multifunctional vehicle for a wide range of needs. This is attempted by our modified gripper with an end effector designed to ensure optimum grip for assorted objects, besides our mission-specific payloads. We replaced our old RJ45/USB communication protocol with the new RS485. This ensured better and stable communication over long distances. We have also put great focus on meeting the optimal weight restriction category <17 kg. Not only does our emphasis on being compact improve operational efficiency and safety, it also drastically lowers the cost to our potential customers that we aim to entice and assign the contracts with.


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