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Metal Monsters
By Fab Lab Egypt & Robocon Egypt

Metal Monsters is a combat robot contest which is organised by Robocon Egypt in collaboration with Fab Lab Egypt and hosted by the most widespread makers gathering in the middle east Maker Faire Cairo.
It is a robot fight entertaining game league where robots compete and smash each other in a metal caged arena during a 3 minutes match contested by two teams at once, where robots are controlled via remote controllers from outside the arena.
10 participating teams are selected neatly among all applicants to ensure good show and performance supported by 5 judges and 9 powerful student partners from all over Egypt.

Mini Geek Fictions
By Big Geeks

Once again we are in Maker Faire Cairo, This year we will focus on merging Geek Fictions vibe with the rest of the makers, that’s why we will focus on on Cosplay and we won’t have a fixed place in Maker Faire Cairo 2018 instead we will be everywhere.

Pocket Tank
By Edify

Using the same concept on the old 2D computer game Pocket Tank, We figure out our game a two mobile robots representing the two rocket tank with a two degree of freedom mechanism helping the robot to shoot the other robot basket which will be on the other side of a 8 meter length by 3 meter width playground, simply it will EDIFY robotics activity this year for Maker Faire Cairo

Light Art Sculpture
By Creative Coding Cairo

The ongoing relationship between humans and machines evolved rapidly in the recent years. The human-machine’s bond in the future will be much strong. The Robots Evolution lights sculpture is a creative project to show the rapid evolution of humans and machines through figures from light and steel.

The Massive Nail Board
By Shuffle Design

Shuffle designs is a Cairo based design studio, interested in experimenting with materials and manufacturing is founded by Amal Salah who believes that every material is precious, it depends only on how you use it..

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

Arab ROV Competition is made for building new generations of Arab Rovers to make university and school students compete in design and build ROV “Underwater Robot”​ to achieve different missions underwater, which is simulation to real mission.

ROV Competition was launched for the first time in Egypt and Arab region in 2011 in cooperation with MATE Center and organized by Hadath for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The winners will be qualified to participate in the International finals which are held each year at USA.

if you want to drive a submarine? Know more about buoyancy? Come to try out some (ROV’s) in our Pool and try your skills at driving the ROV through obstacles and completing challenges. Learn how to make one yourself! also you can win with our valuable prizes .

The Design Print Grand Prix 2018
By Fabri Gate

On behalf of Maker Faire Cairo “the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning” and according to their concern about the Egyptian Makers’ role of landmines
we are announcing our great partnership, towards a landmine-free world
Minesweepers | Maker Faire 2018
it’s a qualification competition for the Egyptian local competition will take a place in Maker Faire Cairo 2018 . Fabri Gate is presenting three Prizes for three winners
Third Place Will Get
– 30% Discount On Printing Services for 1 Year
Second Place WIll Get
– 40% Discount On Printing Services for 1 Year
Master of Digital Design WIll Get The Grand Prize
-50% Discount On Printing Services for 1 Year
-10% Discount On Fabri Gate Machines
-Free Printing up to 300GM

Minesweepers Competition
By Minesweepers

Minesweepers: Towards a Landmine-Free World is an international robotic
competition that will be held in October 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It aims
at fostering robotics researches and applications in the area of Humanitarian
Demining in the world and raising the public awareness of the seriousness of
landmines and UXOs contamination with the role of science and technology in
solving this problem.
Students from Egypt can show and tell you about their Minesweepers Robots. Come to try out some Minesweepers Robots after the teams finishing their competition. Learn how to Detect landMines and how their robots operate also don’t forget to support your champion ! also you can win with our valuable prizes .

Digitally Fabricated Assistive Technology Hackathon
By Nitrous

The Hackathon aims to connect People with Disabilities (PwDs) with designers &3D modelers to develop an assistive device 3D model during Maker Faire Day.
Each team will be matched with a PwD during the maker week. All teams will attend training sessions in design thinking, communication with PwDs and Digital Fabrication.
On the Maker Faire day teams will have 6-8 hours to come up with a assistive device 3D model ready for digital fabrication.
Nitrous Team will provide simple fabrication tools like play-dough, cardboard etc…. to help the teams in communicating ideas.
Mentors with the following expertise will help the teams throughout the day.
● Assistive technology Design.
● Design For Digital Fabrication.
● Open Source Designs.
● Digital Fabrication tools.
● Assistive technology from a medical perspective.

3D Printer Assembly Marathon
By Shisan

In this Marathon you will be able to join a battle between 4 teams; each to build a PLAKAT 3D Printer (check this to know more about PLAKAT: till it prints successfully .. The winning team members will take their printer home for free as their prize 😀 😀 .. you Make It .. you Take It 😉
To be a winner you must “Finish before time ends”, “Print successfully”, and “Be rated by the Marathon JUDGES”.
Each team will get the following:
1- Full un-assembled PLAKAT Kit.
2- A detailed build manual.
3- Complete assembly tools.
You must bring your laptops, and we will pass you all the needed software to build it up ..

Trash Can Art
By Greenish & Bekia

Greenish is partnering with Maker Faire Cairo 2018 to hold super cool activities, one of them will be with a group of brilliant artists who will collaborate to make extraordinary artworks on Trash Cans.

Also Greenish & Bekia بيكيا will be conducting an upcycle art activity at Maker Faire Cairo’18.To make 2 big scale art installation made of waste like plastic bottles and soda cans .. ‎come and join them making art of trash.

Automotive Section
By Formula Student Teams

Watch out for formula cars because they’re going to be all over the place at Maker Faire Cairo’18 you’ll get to see them and meet the teams behind it’s design and execution. Also we’ll have a great announcement this year.


Pottery is one of the oldest crafts known to man and pottery is any clay made from clay and there are two types of mud clay and clay stone I get it from the streams of valleys, rivers and plateaus and the second gets from the mountains is a rock is grinding to become kneading.

Sculpture section

This year We’ll provide two workshops about The basics of sculpture and portrait, also we’ll choose three attendees randomly to make their face through the art of Sculpture.

By Fab Lab Egypt & Crupler

In the year Maker Faire Cairo you will get to Learn how to solder and Make your own Maker Faire Badge!
Volunteers from Crupler, a small technological startup, will be on hand to teach Faire attendees how to solder! You can Make your own super cool light up Maker Faire Badge!

Board Games
By Geek Station

Provided by Geek Station, it is the first co-gaming space in Egypt you’ll realize there’s even more to us than board games.
They will be in the Board Games section in Maker Faire with a great collection of Board Games. Come visit us and have a lot of board games fun with friends, or make new cool friends.

Our Maker Faire Board Games Collection:

*Dungeons & Dragons Castle Ravenloft
*One Night Ultimate Werewolf
*The Resistance

Cooking Show
By CS Geeks

We know we already got you at cooking, nothing is more amusing than
having something to eat. Cooking is making at its finest. As GEEKs we enjoy cooking, You’ll get to see that yourself at Maker Faire Cairo’18 you’ll find us giving a cooking session full of fun and
science about cooking .