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غواصة الية

غواصة الية

Feb 2018

ROVs are technically advanced underwater vehicles. They are unoccupied, and highly maneuverable
underwater robots controlled by an ROV-Pilot. The ROV’s Pilot usually sits at a shore-based station, boat, or
submarine. ROVs usually have cameras, a manipulator or cutting arm, water samplers, and instruments.
Importance of the ROV
ROVs are a category of robotics that can’t be listed separately as a special kind, it is a collection of many
software and hardware categories of robotics. The aim of MATE ROV competition is to improve this
important category all over the world due to its importance in the real-life applications as in oil and gas
industry, under water construction and structure inspection, chemical industries, nuclear power stations,
corrosion measurements, ships hulls, environmental investigations, and the destruction of sea mines.


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